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How To Delete Bad Credit Accounts From Your Credit Reports

It is possible to delete bad credit from your credit reports, most people have heard you have to wait 7-10 years to get bad credit to fall off, thats not true, according to the FCRA (FAIR CREDIT REPORTING ACT) consumers can dispute any negative item on their credit reports any time they want to. It doesn't matter if its a charge off,judgement,collection,repossession,bankruptcy, late payment or any other type of bad credit, when you are challenging these negative items on your report you are basically seeing how well the creditors are keeping their records, you want to send disputes as not mine or never late.

You don't want to do anything else just yet,the credit bureaus by law have 30-45 days to respond to your dispute,so after the 30-45 days go by you'll get a response from the credit bureaus as verified or deleted, all this means is they have your name and address and social in their system, so to counter that verified there's another technique to use, at this point you want to send a demand letter to original creditor, what they need to do now is prove the account is actually yours be showing proof that you are obligated to pay this,the creditor needs to send you a copy of a signed contract bearing your signature if they can't then by law they have to delete that negative item from your credit report.Its very rare that a creditor will have the original contract or any contract at all bearing your signature thats a powerful technique to delete bad credit accounts from your credit reports, if the creditor or credit bureaus don't cooperate you can contact the attorney general office in the state of the creditor, they will enforce your consumer rights to help you get that bad item off of your credit report.

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