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How Credit Reporting Agencies Affect Your Mortgage

Credit Report

Your credit report usually lists your credit lines that you have had for the past several years.

This will include your current credit lines that you have always paid on time, credit lines that have been closed, and credit lines with problems.

A credit line on your credit report can represent a credit card, debt collection, student loan, mortgage, car loan, or any other form of credit you received.

Bad Credit Issues

You credit score will be lowered in part by items that are in your “delinquent credit lines” section of your credit report.

This section will list items that you have been late in making payments on, or have stopped making payments on.

This may include a credit card you were late on once by 30 days over 2 years ago. It will also include items that are bad debt collections.

Each credit line is identified with the company that you owe the debt to.

If you see a name on the credit report that you do not recognize chances are the company is a collections agency. This company has purchased your bad debt from your original lender to see if they can collect on it.

Credit Reporting Agencies

These agencies collect information from your different credit lines. They are fed all kinds of information about your payment and credit habits.

This may include your loan balance, the original date you opened a credit line, the monthly payment, how many times you were late, the account number, and the number of months left in the loan if there is a timeframe on it.

If you have a problem with a specific creditor you need to resolve it directly with them.

You should receive written verification when you have paid off a debt or resolved an issue.

This documentation is something you can submit to credit reporting agencies to make sure the information is updated.

Keep in mind that updating information does not mean replacing information. If you have a delinquent debt on your credit report and you pay it off the debt will still be listed in the “delinquent” part of your credit report but the balance on it will be zero.

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