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How Do I Get a Credit Card? Bad Credit? No Credit?

How do I get a Credit Card?

Getting a Credit Card is not as difficult as it seems. If you have recently graduated, or you are still in college, Credit Card companies see you as desirable and a good credit risk. In fact, you probably receive Credit Card offers in the mail quite often. Compare the terms and be sure to choose one with no annual fee and with the lowest possible interest rate.

How do I get a Credit Card with bad credit or no credit?

How do I get a Credit Card if I am not in college and I have bad credit or no credit? You can still get a Credit Card! Often the best way to get a Credit Card when you do not have an established credit history is to get a secured card. Orchard Bank is one of the major banks offering Secured Credit Cards. In most cases, you will have to send them money, usually about $200 - $250. They then issue you a Credit Card with that credit limit and often times up to double or more.

If I do get a Credit Card, what is the benefit? Why get a Credit Card if I have the money? The answer is to establish a good credit history. You can rent a car or hold a hotel room by using your Credit Card. You can make purchases without having to carry cash or having to write a check. If you pay the Credit Card bill off quickly, preferably in full every month. You will establish good credit and the unsecured Credit Card offers will start rolling in!

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