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Details of the USA Platinum Plus Application

If you are looking for a credit card, you might be interested in knowing the details of the USA Platinum Plus Application. The USA Platinum Plus is issued by USA Credit, the issuer of several other popular credit cards. The application process for this card is pretty simple since almost everyone is approved for the USA Platinum Plus.

USA Credit offers a no credit check, no credit turndown policy for this credit card so virtually anyone can get approved for the card. The drawback is that there is an account setup fee of $149.95 but many people consider this a bargain to help establish credit, especially when compared to some other cards in the same category. There are membership fees to use this card but the no-turn down policy makes it great for people that are unable to be approved for another credit card.

One of the best things about the USA Platinum Plus is that almost anyone is approved regardless of their past credit history. This credit card is meant for people with no credit or poor credit that are trying to re-establish good credit. The card has no annual fees which is another plus. You will also be happy to know that when you get this card, the line of credit is reported to a major credit bureau so you can greatly benefit if you are looking to establish credit.

The USA Platinum Plus can only be used to buy retail purchases through a USA Credit sponsored website and their catalogs so you are limited on where you can use the card. You canít use this card for your regular purchases anywhere such as at the grocery store but if you want to purchase from the approved locations then you can use this card as a great way to establish your credit.

This card has a maximum credit limit of $7,500 and while there are no annual fees there is a membership fee of $149.95 for your first year. Late payment fees are $10.

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