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Credit Report Dispute » How To Dispute A Entry On Your Credit Report

How to Improve Your Credit Rating

So you got into debt, had problems but you got yourself back on your feet through hard work and sacrifice and how are you rewarded? A Bad Credit Rating.

You would be forgiven for thinking thats not fair and why did you bother sorting yourself out if your hands are still tied when it comes to applying for anything financial? There are ways to improve your credit rating and get back on track completely.

There are three basic steps to help improve your credit rating:

Dispute negative entries on your credit report

Have negative entries deleted from your credit report

Rebuild your credit

The first stage is to write to your credit bureau and detail the disputed
entries on your credit report. You have thirty days in which to dispute an
entry on your credit report. However, you will often find that the credit
bureau takes as much time as they want. Here is a basic overview of
what happens to that letter:

Your letter is read by a lower-level employee who has the power to
dismiss your letter or pass it on to higher powers within the credit

After the investigation is complete, and the lender has not verified the
disputed entry, the credit bureau will delete that entry. This negative entry
can still be reinstated if verification eventually arrives.

Once your dispute is accepted the derogatory entries are deleted or
improved to perfect. Once they have been deleted or improved, the credit
bureau will send you a notice of these changes, along with a new credit

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