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Bad Credit Report Repair - The Truth

Bad Credit Report Repair - My name is Justin and I tried to use a credit repair company, I got ripped off, they also tried to use illegal methods to get rid of bad information. I now know the legal way and want to share this information.

Your credit report and credit score is one of the most important things in life, you need to do everything you can to avoid a bad credit report.

I've researched hundreds of sites to bring the best information to you, I wasted so much time and it caused much hardship on my family, I don't want anyone else to go through the same bad experience.

Once your credit report is damaged you will find that options get smaller, but what has helped is that from pressure from Congress and consumer advocacy groups. Now we don't have to make as many guesses about how to improve credit scores. Here is a breakdown of what you need to concentrate on:

  • Payment History 35%
  • Amount Owed 30%
  • Length of Credit History 15%
  • New Credit 10%
  • Types of Credit Used 10%
Know that you can certainly dispute mistakes or outdated items, this a big help, so use it to your advantage.

All you need to do is ask the credit reporting agency for a dispute from or submit your dispute in writing. Make sure you don't send them original documents.

Here is a detailed list of the 11 Key Steps you Need to Follow Through

  • Persist - 6 months for a dispute to be dropped by the credit reporting agencies.
  • Contact all 3 credit bureau and get your credit reports - you need to get all three.
  • Make sure you Identify any inaccurate or Erroneous information on your credit report.
  • Write letters to dispute items - detail the information with clear explanations.
  • Send the letters of dispute to the creditors and bureaus.
  • Keep good records, this should be a habit, if not make sure you turn it in to one.
  • Make sure you request for the Credit Reporting agency to re investigate.
  • Contact the the old creditors.
  • Be sure to use registered or certified mail when mailing your dispute letters.
  • Then file a Statement of Dispute.
  • Monitor your credit report and make sure the inaccurate information is removed and stays removed.
Be sure to clearly identify each item in your report that you want to dispute. You can add a reason like you were very sick at the time, or were unemployed. These reasons help as they can be added to your report and will help you when future creditors read your file.

If after a new investigation reveals an error you are entitled to ask that a corrected version of the report be sent to anyone who might of received your report within the past six months. This is very important as it will help you get loans in the future.

I hope this information gets your mind ticking over and gets you into action. I also hope it provides you with a few tips and some good advice on how to repair bad credit report when obtaining your credit report.

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Written By: Justin Fox

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