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Credit Cards Explained

Are you relatively new to the credit card world, and wondering how they all work? There are many types of credit cards out there. In addition to brand names such as Visa and Mastercard, there are many different categories credit cards can fall into.

The first is Ďsecuredí or Ďunsecuredí. Secured credit cards are cards that are secured by putting a deposit in escrow between you and the bank. If you stop paying on your card, they repossess the deposit and so they donít have to try to get the money out of you.

Unsecured cards are cards that the bank issues when they believe they can trust you with credit without a deposit. These are harder to get. There are also pre-paid credit cards, which pretty much work as glorified gift cards that are accepted in all the same places credit cards are. These can be given out as gifts, company incentives, or purchased for yourself for uses such as travel.

There are also business credit cards. These cards typically offer incentives for company travel, office supplies, and the like, so businesses will want to place expense accounts on their cards. These can make life a lot easier for a small business when they are trying to separate their accounts so that they can accurately determine expenses.

Many small businesses use these types of credit cards to pay for the costs of running the company then they can use the statements for the end of year tax bill to relive tax bills.

With all these types of credit cards, it can be tough to make a decision. But Iím sure after reading this article you have a bit of a clearer idea on where to go when searching for credit cards. Best of luck!

John Collins manages Credit tips. A site dedicated to helping people with credit cards.

Source: www.articledashboard.com